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Pride. Class. Obsession. Buzz words. Our dream is to end your dreams quickly and effectively. Our passion is for loud noises. Our hope is for you to keep your job.

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our mission to Obliterate sleepheadedness

Over twenty years ago, we set out to make the most user friendly, attractive and loudest alarm clock. Unfortunately, we only made the loudest. That was good enough for over TWO MILLION users. Our research shows that there are now over TWO BILLION people worldwide who sleep every day! We want to sell stuff to them, too. So, we went back to our original goal of making something attractive and user friendly. In a few short weeks, we’ll be unveiling the all new Screaming Meanie.

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NEW Screaming Meanie!

Forte and vibe

The FORTE is the natural evolution of the Screaming Meanie. We wanted to go louder, but the government wouldn’t let us, so we made it more vibrateful. Featuring six persistent alarms, a large display and the VIBE wrist strap along with the same loud volume of the originals, the FORTE is the best Screaming Meanie ever made. God would have it on his nightstand.

For Anyone. Are you anyone? you Buy now.

Architects Of Sound

Truly great sleep is the most difficult to interrupt. As the level of rightnightiness increases, so must the brain piercing sound. We’ve gone to trusted sources that are impossible to sleep through. The data we gathered dtictated the design of the Forte and Vibe and the effectiveness of the pair is staggering.